Friday, February 26, 2016

Indonesian seems to think that rules and regulations don’t apply in times of adversity.

It’s been raining since dawn. And though it’s very tempting to just stay under the comfort of my blanket, I manage to muster up the will to go to work. At least it’s Friday (weekend is coming!) and I don’t exactly have many agenda to do at work today.

Despite the fact that I left home earlier this morning, the traffic seems to be much more congested than usual. It’s the case that occur every time it rains, actually, but only this morning do I understand the reason why (><”)…

 People are using the bus way lane (not only motorcycles, as per usual, but also cars). The lane usually guarded by people operating some kind of a gate to let busses in (and keep other vehicles out). Since it’s raining, there’s no one guarding the gate and thus the lane is open. I guess, when there are no busses passing, the lane seems like a freeway. But if everybody thinks like that, wouldn’t it be congested? Especially when it’s only a single lane in which you couldn’t pass through other cars (but then, I guess it fits a motorcycle and a car just fine). So the traffic got congested at the beginning of the lane, where everybody wanted to get in (to make it worse, it’s usually on an intersection, so the traffic in the intersection got congested because others couldn’t pass by).

To make things worse… there are gaps in the middle of the lane. Some kind of openings in the road divider so that vehicles from the lane could get out from the lane and vice versa. These getting in or out of the lane make the traffic even more congested… in the middle of the road! (>”<)

I don’t understand.
If you could drive on the right lane on usual days, why can’t you just keep on driving like that when it’s raining??? The fact that people think it is okay to go into the bus way when there are no one guarding the gate is the problem that needs to be addressed! Just because there is no one forcing the rules to you, does that mean you are not affected by the rule?  

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

An attempt to get back to writing my thoughts...

The Alarm rang at 4:50. Turned it off, go to turn the water heater on. Then back to bed.
Next alarm rang at 5:12. Get out of the bed and get ready to work.
Another alarm rang at 5:58, meaning I have to get going to work. Usually I'm on my way out to the door by that time. Or probably already in the car, preparing to go.
6:10 is the standard time I clocked out of the secure parking in my apartment.
Arrive at work at 6:50 if the traffic's ok (most times). 
7:15 if the traffic is a bit congested. But I've arrived as late as 7:45 at times (and my apartment is just 10km away from the office!). Then I'd have another hour to sleep in the parking lot. But most time I spent the time looking at my phone's  screen like now.

Another alarm would rang at 07:45 to wake me up if I fell asleep in the parking lot or to remind me that I'd be late if I'm still on the road.

8:00 to 17:00 is time for work.

Most times, I'd clocked out of work around 17:10. With the waiting time for the elevator, preparation to go home, etc. I'd be on the road again around 17:35.
If I'm lucky, and that is to say REALLY lucky, I'd be home by 18:35. 
But most times I'd arrive after 19:00. Or when the traffic got really congested (and this happen specially often on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday...I don't know why) It'd take 2-3 hours to get home (remember my apartment is only a freakin' 10km from the office???).

An alarm will ring again at 23:00: my cut off time to get to bed. Even if I don't feel like going to sleep, I'd be on my bed by then...reading, watching on my phone, or browsing away and chatting. This is because I used to have insomnia and couldn't sleep much. High blood pressure and headache was normal that I missed the indication of meningitis. So I was told to make a habit of staying in bed in the dark room as if I'm going to sleep, even if I don't feel like sleeping. 

00:30 is my final cut off time to sleep tho, even if I don't feel sleepy, no books or gadget in bed anymore.

Anyway, I got at max 4 hours at night to do what I want/ need to do for myself. Choosing and ironing the shirt and scarf I'd wear the next day is included in it. Usually I use that time to watch dorama (cause I know I could read later in bed ). Or reading. Or browsing and chat with some friends through the various social media available right now.

Then the alarm will rang again the next day... and it's the same all over again. Unless on the occasional days I decided to go out on working days.

This might not seem like much. Some people even may think it's boring. But to tell you the truth, I DON'T HATE IT. I love what I'm doing (for now ). My current work have enough routine to make it feel stable, enough difficulty to be challenging, and enough fun to make it not boring at all. What more could a girl ask??